IMG_0039Our Fire Department consists of 26 volunteer firefighters including the Officers. The position of Fire Chief is a part time paid position while the firefighters are volunteer, paid on call.  Between the two departments (City and Rural Fire District) we average around 80 calls per year.  Along with answering fire calls, the department also teaches a fire prevention program at the schools and participates in community activities and various other public requests for services that average to nearly 50 events/calls per year. 

We are a fully equipped department that provides fire suppression, auto extrication and other rescues within 6 square miles of the City limits of Pinckneyville.  Being a fully Fire Truckequipped department is instrumental in helping to keep the City's Insurance Services Office (I.S.O.) Public protection Classification number low.  The classification is on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being superior.  The better the rating, the lower the insurance premiums for our resident's and business' properties.  I.S.O. bases their ratings partly on personnel, equipment, training, and water distribution among other things.  Our current I.S.O. rating is a class 5.  Having the proper and necessary equipment, regardless of the price or amount of use, helps when being evaluated my ISO.

All other area outside of the City limits is served by the Pinckneyville Rural Fire Protection District, which is a separate entity from the City of Pinckneyville that maintains its own ISO.

Kevin B. Hicks – Commissioner of Public Health and Safety

Jim Gielow – Fire Chief

(618) 357-2281
110 S. Walnut St. Pinckneyville IL. 62274


  • Jim Gielow – Fire Chief
  • Tom Bardle – Captain
  • Curtis Miller – Captain
  • Alan McClurken Jr. – Lieutenant
  • David Pearson – Lieutenant
  • Josh Bathon – Lieutenant