Why Here?

Pinckneyville, Illinois, population 5,500, is the centrally located county seat of Perry County.  Located in rural southwestern Illinois, Pinckneyville posesses virtually all of the characteristics of a freestanding community.  We are independent of the impacts of the larger metrapolitan areas 50 miles away but are able to enjoy their amenities and services which are not immediately available in our city.

Pinckneyville is a blue collar manufacturing and farming community which is surrounded by productive grain farm land and the Illinois largest State Park, Pyramid State Park.

Pinckneyville enjoys a moderate to low cost of living.  We are a stand-alone community which is not part of a larger metropolitan area. We are remarkably self-sufficient with virtually all the facilities and services that a company expects in a larger community. These include:

  • Regional Airport with 4,500 Foot Runway
  • Two Public School Districts and Parochial School
  • Critical Access Hospital
  • Rend Lake College Extension 
  • City Park, Fairgrounds, Municipal Pool and Lake
  • Red Hawk Golf Course 
  • Modern City Facilities and a Cooperative City Administration
  • Weekly Newspaper, and Local Cable Television
  • Wide choices of Churches
  • New Residential Housing Developments
  • Assisted Living Center
  • Long-term Health Care Facility
  • Regional Bus Service
  • Aggressive Economic Development Team
  • Library
  • Agencies for People with Mental and Physical Disabilities
  • Active Service Clubs
  • Low Fire Rating for lower insurance costs
  • Family Friendly Events and Activities
  • Museums - Perry County Jail Museum, Illinois Rural Heritage Museum, Illinois High School Basketball Museum and Hall of Fame (2014)

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