Obtain a Building Permit

If you are thinking of making any home improvements or additions to your residence, you should consult with the City's Economic Development coordinator and the Perry County Planning and Development Director.  The Coordinator is responsible for zoning administration, subdivision, multi-family and commercial development, zoning administration, land use regulations, variances, and appeals.  The director is responsible for the administration of building which includes plan review for plat approval, building permits.

Any building constructed in Perry County requires a zoning certificate and building permit.  Building permits are $5 plus 2 cents per square foot (A 1000 square foot building would cost $5 + [1000 sq ft x .02] = $25.00).  All buildings in the city zoning jurisdiction need to have a certificate of zoning compliance ($25) prior to being issued a building permit.  For more information or zoning maps please contact the Pinckneyville Economic Development Coordinator.

Pinckneyville Economic Development Coordinator

  • Carrie Gilliam
  • Street Department Building
  • 402 N Main Street
  • Pinckneyville, IL  62274
  • 618-357-8775
  • Fax 618-357-4127


Perry County Planning and Development Director

  • Jeff Ashauer
  • Perry County Government Building
  • 3764 State Route 13-127
  • Pinckneyville, IL  62274
  • 618-357-2940
  • Fax 618-357-3194

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