The City of Pinckneyville’s TEXT ALERT system has changed!  33222 is no longer operable.

Therefore, if you wish to continue to receive City Text Alerts, you must SIGN UP FOR UPDATES on the City’s website

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Yellow Button SIGN UP FOR UPDATES.

On the e-notify screen, enter your e-mail address (required) and click Sign In.

If you wish to receive TEXTS, you must enter a valid cell phone number and click Save.

You must choose which type of alert you want to be delivered to either your email address or by text by clicking on the blue radio buttons:  By Email    OR  By Text  Then scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes.

Alerts:  Sign up for Alert Notifications will be the same Alerts that were previously sent through the City Text Message System.

General:  Sign up for News will notify you of any news articles posted by the City of Pinckneyville.

General:  Sign up for City Council Meetings Agenda Notifications will notify you when Agenda or Minutes are posted.


You will receive an e-mail from once you have subscribed.  To confirm and complete these changes: click here            This will allow you to verify what Alerts you have signed up for.