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Wastewater Treatment Responsible Operator In Charge
Utility Maintenance Operators

Treatment Plant Operators
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
MAYOR Robert L. Spencer Mayor (618) 357-8927
ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE William B. Stotlar Commissioner of Accounts and Finance
CITY HALL Melissa Kellerman City Clerk (618) 357-6916
CITY HALL Terri Lindner City Utility Clerk (618) 357-3505
CITY HALL Tara Hubler City Accounts Payable Clerk and Administrative Assistant (618) 357-6916
CITY HALL Kelsey Repking City Payroll Clerk (618) 357-3505
POLICE AND FIRE DEPARTMENTS Kevin B. Hicks Commissioner of Public Health and Safety
FIRE DEPARTMENT Jim Gielow Fire Chief (618) 357-2281
FIRE DEPARTMENT Tom Bardle Captains (618) 357-2281
FIRE DEPARTMENT Curtis Miller Captains (618) 357-2281
POLICE DEPARTMENT Kenneth Kelley Police Chief (618) 357-8231
POLICE DEPARTMENT Casey Krone Police Department Office Manager (618) 357-8231
STREET DEPARTMENT Sammy D. Peradotta Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvements (618) 790-3456
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & ZONING Carrie Gilliam Economic Development Coordinator (618) 357-8775
UTILITY DEPARTMENT Joshua L. Kuhnert Commissioner of Public Property (618) 790-4412
UTILITY DEPARTMENT Brad Boulton Utilities Superintendent (618) 357-6002
UTILITY DEPARTMENT Kent Lindner Utilities Office Manager (618) 357-5214
CITY PARK AND CITY LAKE RENTALS City Park & City Lake Pavilion Rentals City Park and City Lake Information/Pavilion Rentals/Camping (618) 357-3505
PARK DEPARTMENT Dan Naugle Park Manager (618) 318-7034
TREASURER Arthur F. Reese City Treasurer (618) 357-6511