Sunshine Law Compliance

The Illinois General Assembly has enacted two major pieces of legislation designed to provide full access to units of local government in Illinois.   These "sunshine laws" are the Illinois Open Meetings Act and the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

The general purpose of the Open Meetings Act, is to provide public access to meetings of public officials and input into and review of decisions made at such meetings. The Freedom of Information Act, on the other hand, is designed to insure public access to records assembled, gathered, produced and disseminated by public bodies, except for certain statutory exemptions.

To access information on the City Council's meetings, simply click on "public records" at the top of the City's home page, then on "meeting minutes' to view a listing of dates.  Click on the corresponding date to view that meeting's minutes.

To obtain a Freedom of Information request, contact Mayor Robert Spencer, Freedom of Information Officer, at 618-357-8927 or  visit or mail to his office at City Hall, 104 South Walnut Street, Pinckneyville, IL 62274 or email him at

Please note that certain records are exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.  If the records are exempt, the requestor will be provided with the specific provision(s) in the Freedom of Information Act which makes them exempt.