Safety is one of the primary goals of our city and our commissioners take pride in the fact that we are a very low crime area.  Our departments are committed to protecting and serving our city residents - and those who work and visit here - the Pinckneyville Police Department provides 24-hour law enforcement and emergency services to all. From traditional police services, such as accident and crime investigation, to community police functions, like participating in school and civic programs, our department goes above and beyond the call of duty to make Pinckneyville a safe and enjoyable place in which to live.

Our departments are staffed with dedicated high caliber employees who value and carry out our city's commitment to safety. Central to this commitment is meaningful citizen participation and ongoing improvement in the quality and consistency of services we provide to the citizens and visitors to our community.

To the citizens of Pinckneyville, we ask for and need your involvement. Community Policing is not just a commitment from the police; it is an invitation to the entire community to join us in keeping our city safe. There are many ways each person can make a difference; organize your block, get involved in your children's schools, volunteer to work with one of the many organizations within the city dedicated to protecting our children and strengthening our community.

Ten Home Security Tips

  1. Trim shrubs and trees so doors and windows can be seen from the road
  2. Good Lighting is a deterrent to crime
  3. Keep doors and windows locked, even when at homeCheck to see who is at the door before opening
  4. Don't let strangers in to make phone calls, make them yourselfUse reflective numbers on your house to help police and fire personnel identify your house
  5. Make sure doors have deadbolts installed on themNever carry identification on your key rings
  6. Never hide a key outside - Burglars know the hiding placesInstall a burglar alarm if necessary