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Business District Development Plan


The City of Pinckneyville is creating the Pinckneyville Business District Development Plan in order to provide an important tool for the development of a blighted area of the community. In looking to achieve this end, the City will seek to adhere to certain Objectives and Policies.


The Objectives of the Plan are to:

  • • Assure opportunities for development and attraction of sound and stable commercial growth.
  • • Enhance the tax base of the Business District.
  • • Ameliorate the blighting conditions within the District.
  • • Encourage and assist private investment and development within the Business District, in a manner that is compatible with the Pinckneyville Comprehensive Plan, as amended.


The City of Pinckneyville will follow certain policies to achieve the Objectives outlined above. These include:

  • • Use Business District-derived revenues to implement the District Plan.
  • • Utilize City staff and consultants to undertake those actions necessary to accomplish the specific public-side actions and activities outlined in the Business District Plan.


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